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Meet Vivi; The Vegan Mellanhand's Home


Meet Loo, the 25 year old Scandi inspired alternative 21st century life advocate; live a life that is not too little, or too much, but is just right (lagom). She lives the Swedish art of balanced living one mile at a time in her van; big, blue and beautiful Vivi!

This woman is reinventing mental health for the 21st century. You will find Scandi influences throughout, from her name (Mellanhand - middleperson in Swedish), to the project, events and creations by her communitea.

Loo's story is an interesting one, after experiencing a breakdown whilst at Law School she re-evaluated her life; she knew she needed to bring balance into her life. She started to build a deeper and richer connection with herself. Up until this stage of reflection, she had not realised the sheer importance of creativity to her overall wellbeing. Loo also looked at the world around her and felt compassion went beyond the self to all living beings both present and future, moreover living in an overly consumerist society went against her inner desire to live a life that was not too little, or too much but just right.

Loo couldn't forget about her social change roots. She looked at the mental health crisis and thought an alternative approach was crucially needed if we want sustainably healthy minds. So in the summer of 2018, The Vegan Mellanhand was born! Loo's incremental steps to veganism was such a huge part of her journey, that is why she includes Vegan in her name; she truly hopes to transfer the balanced outlook within her mental health communitea.


We are a Bristol Based Community who drinks lots of tea and has a vision to live in a more compassionate society. Where mental health has both an individual and collective approach.
We should all be at the centre of our mental health. Mental health is not linear by any means but it is the connection you have with yourself that matters most. However, there is an equally important aspect that is becoming increasingly overlooked in this fast paced world; togetherness.

  • Mental Health Recovery Worker
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Time to Change Champion

National TV documentary filming
Top secret... will be sharing more in due course.

Collobration with Wild Wellbeing 'Connect with Yourself' Standon Calling Festival (https://standon-calling.com/line-up-2019/#/artist/community-talk-connect-with-yourself)

Collobaration with Loneliness Awareness Week 'Be Together Bristol'

Body Positivity events for Mental Health Awareness Week

Featured at Vegan Nights, Brick Lane, Ldn

Communitea Creations


21st century living throws up all kinds of stereotypes and expectations at different ages. Jan (The Vegan Mellanhand's 84 year old Gran) is behind this creation; shining light that you can be connected to your creativity no matter what age you are. Feeling connected to yourself is paramount to limiting loneliness. Loo and Jan are also coming together to skill share & support one another; illustrating an inter generational approach truly is beautiful and should be advocated on a wider scale within society.

Communitea Projects


We will be working to prevent suicide by making sunflower coloured pom poms with attached grounding in the moment notes to distribute to different parts of the city of Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire. These flowers symbolise solidarity, nourishment and strength.

Why are we doing it?
The aim is to make people feel they are not alone and remind them that people care especially during the darkest of times.
Hope is lost during those darkest times, it is also very isolating. It is paramount that those individuals who do not want/are at the stage of ‘talking therapies’ are not left behind in the form of help, therefore these sunflower pom poms are a gentler form of conversation.
The Communitea will not only help those who will get the pom poms, but also those who create them. A lot of people who want to be involved in the project have had either direct and/or indirect experience with suicide. These conversations that happen alongside crafting are invaluable in helping people feel that they are too are not alone as well as connecting with themselves.

A huge thank you goes to Shine On's The Suicide Prevention Innovation Fund for making this a reality.

If you would like to donate please reach out on socials/send us an email x

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