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Deep Relaxation Bath Blend: NewMoonHerbalBrews



Cypress, Sage, Rose, Rosemary, Lavender

🌿 The power of herbs extends further than their consumption; the benefits of topical use are myriad.
🌿 All herbs lovingly foraged.
🌿 This blend is designed first and foremost to add colour and fragrance to your bath – to put that extra bit of love into your self love bath time – but there are also healing benefits of these particular herbs.

cypress: for it’s anxiety relieving, muscle relaxing properties.
rosemary: for it’s ability to improve focus and concentration, with the hope that using this herb in your bath will help you to enter a state of mindful relaxation.
Rose: for it’s mood boosting properties.
Lavender: powerful anti inflammatory properties, as well as an undeniable ability to ease restlessness.


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